The best eco-friendly and plastic-free drinking straw!

Our company specialized in pasta straws, offers you an alternative to original plastic straws, 100% biodegradable (24h in nature), Vegan and edible! We support you in your eco-responsible approach in order to offer your customers a unique and surprising experience. Our pasta straws offered at the best price on the market will set you apart from the others with an environmentally eco-friendly alternative.

Biodegradable (24h in nature)


Less and best price

Happy clients and Gluten free

Pasta Straw is the best choice to reduce plastic and protect our planet !

Plastic has become a crazy enemy! And we all know that plastic straws have a very bad impact on our planet. They are polluting and participating in the destruction of our environment. Plastic straws take years to decompose and unfortunately very often end up in the oceans.

European governments have all agreed to put in place a law to ban plastic straws (already effective since January 2021). This will help us to carry out our battle against plastic in order to protect our planet.

We are today very happy to finally introduce to you our website and new free plastic straw:, a natural, biodegradable and original solution to replace your plastic straws!

Paper straws or other straws already tested do not appeal to you but you don’t know which solution to choose? We have here 100% biodegradable alternative to offer you: Pasta Straw! The first original, gluten free and compostable straws!

It is not just Bucatini Pasta, our production it’s 100% wheat straw and water, suitable for drinks, resistant, smooth, and of course edible!  


Express delivery in all Europe


Our Pasta straw is a solution for plastic but also an alternative to other pasta straw you used to know until now!

>> We do offer manufacturer prices to make you happy.

Pasta straw drink ecological

After more than a year of development and hard work, we are happy to introduce our pasta straw solution: A perfectly smooth, non-fibrous fit and the perfect size suitable for drinking! It is not just pasta or Bucatani pasta, it’s the best drinking straw pasta!

Many of us are using Bucatini as drinking straws. However, this pasta is produced to be cooked and eaten. They are therefore often fibrous/floury, flour fibers quickly end up in the drinks, the diameter is too large, the cut is chipped and sometimes sharp … You see, Bucatini is a pasta and not a drinking straw!
In short, we offer you a drinking pasta straw that can be edible!

  • Straw is smooth (non-floury)
  • Straw holds well in your drinks
  • The diameter is standard (6 mm)
  • The cut is smooth without chipping ..!

In short, this is the perfect solution!

Paper straw? No thanks, Pasta straw is
pasta straw cocktail

More than a pasta, it's a great and sustainable drinking straw!

Pasta Straws are made only of water and wheat! Nothing more. This straw is therefore safe for consumption and 100% vegan. However, it does contain Gluten (wheat), so please beware of gluten intolerant.

You can use them as a beverage for a drink and bite into it if you wish. This straw is 100% edible and fun! At the end of your drink, the straw can be thrown into the compost and will decompose without leaving any traces! And if you don’t eat them, do not worry about the impact, nature will take care of it and be delighted.

The production of Pasta Straw is same of your classic cooking pasta. However, we have our recipe for making them last too long in the glass without leaving a residue of wheat.

Pasta Straw is definitely the best natural alternative, 100% biodegradable, and home compostable!

Give your customers an original experience!

Pasta straws are an original and fun solution without plastic. This edible product will delight your customers and guests. You can offer them a unique experience to taste your drinks, juices, cocktails, or even smoothies.

Pasta straw is resistant. Unlike other kind of straws, pasta straws are not going to break down in the drink after a few minutes.
However, they will tend to soften after about 30 minutes without preventing the consumption of the drink. Pasta straws are also totally gluten free.

wholesaler and factory, we offer you the best quality / price of the market!

Pasta straw edible sustainable

Pasta Straws

21, 5 cm x 6 mm
35 For 1000 straws! (best price on market)
  • Bag of 500 straws
  • Carton of 2 bags (1000 straws)
  • Other dimensions or custom packing possible
  • The more you order, the lower the price

What is the composition of the edible pasta Straws?

We only use 100% wheat semolina to produce our straws. Nothing more than a little water! You can be sure that our straws are the perfect replacement for your plastic (or paper straws).

Are you straws biodegradable?

We do not like that term “biodegradable”. Plastic or PLA are biodegradable. However, they will decompose in almost 500 years! We therefore like to be more precise and also to talk about the term compostable.

Our pasta straws go natural in contact with water for example in less than a few days. Made of wheat, they will also be eaten by animals or by bacteria. This is why we also prefer to talk about composting: which means that if the product is composted in your compost at home, the straw paste will naturally decompose on contact with your other organic waste and become a fertilizer!

Are your straws edible?

Our straws are made from 100% wheat. they are produced from the same ingredient as your pasta / Lasagna). They are therefore edible but as they are not cooked, these pasta will be crunchy and the nutritional values are not identical.

Does your straws affect the taste of the drinks?

Our straws are not intended to affect the taste of your drink!

Can the straw dissolve and melt in the drink?

Or pasta straws are not going to break down in the drink. They will tend to soften after 20-30 minutes but will not affect the consumption of the drink. You can use the straws for hot drinks (but be careful not to burn yourself) and cold drink.  

What is the size of your Pasta Straws?

We offer one perfect size neither too long nor too big: the size is 21.5 cm x 6 mm.
we can also respond to tailor-made requests.

Where do we ship?

We do deliver in all Europe and some other international country. Please feel free to contact us to order your samples or order or Pasta Straws!

How long do pasta straws last?

The paste straws are resistant. This new version allows you to keep your straw in the drink for about 40-45 minutes.

What are the storage conditions for straws?

Before use, the straws can be stored on average for 3 years (best date) in a place protected from heat and humidity.

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