Paper Straws vs Pasta Straws : Which one are are the best?

Pasta Straw VS Paper Straw

Paper Straws

Paper straws are disposable and biodegradable. It is made from recyclable cardboard and replaces the use of plastic straws. With paper straws, you can have multiple customization options according to your wishes. Paper straws could be the most economical alternative to plastic straws.

However, paper straws can affect your drinking experience and the environment in different ways :

Pasta Straws should be the best solution, aren’t they?

Pasta straws are natural, biodegradable and 100% edible. Pasta straws are made with the same ingredients as any other pasta you eat, namely wheat and water. Yet, our pasta straws are manufactured to be adapted to the consumption of any type of cold drinks including sodas, cocktails and smoothies ! Our pasta straw will thus be smooth, perfectly cut, with a standard diameter, which will allow it to hold well in your drinks : up to an hour !

Pasta straws have several advantages :

·       Pasta straws can be home composted! It will only take a few weeks until it disappear, which makes it a very good eco-friendly and marine-friendly alternative

·       Our pasta straws are natural and made in Europe ! Most paper straws come from Asia. Our Pasta Straws are more local, and so, help better preserve our environment by polluting less.

·       You can snack on them if you want to ! Since our Pasta straws are edible, while drinking your soda, cocktail or smoothie, feel free to take a bite on the pasta straw.

You may understand that paper straws’ ecological aspects are misleading : Even though it is made from trees, a renewable resource, it actually takes a lot of energy (even more than plastic !) to produce them and it’s really hard to recycle. When the conscious awareness about plastic straws arised, paper straws were the first « eco-friendly » alternative to boom. Today we know that there are more efficient alternatives such as pasta straws which are more natural. Pasta Straws are also a more local alternative to paper straws, as it is made in Europe and can also be used as snacks ! Don’t hesitate no more, Pasta straws will embellish your drinks and our planet !