Rice Straw and Pasta Straw : What’s the difference ?

PastaStraw VS Rice Straw

1. What are the characteristics of Rice straws?

Rice straws are made from rice pasta : a 100% biodegradable and compostable alternative, with a various range of colors. This alternative preserves our environment and offers a fun and original experience. Available in various colors, Rice straws will surprise your drinks, without decomposing inside nor changing their taste. Rice straws help preserve our environment : it is biodegradable in less than 100 days ! A fun alternative to enjoy any type of cold drinks such as sodas, cocktails, smoothies.

2. Why Choosing Pasta Straws over Rice Straws?

Pasta straws are also natural alternatives made from abundant resources (wheat and water). Pasta straws characteristics define this solution as one of the best eco-friendly and marine-friendly alternatives. Here are some reasons why we chose Pasta Straws over Rice Straws :

Rice straws are therefore an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws for cold drinks consumption. It is biodegradable and doesn’t harm our planet. Yet, by choosing to manufacture pasta straws instead of rice straws, we decided to offer your clients a more european alternative due to our location to eradicate plastic straws with a more local solution. Our pasta straws will surprise you with its perfect shape and its easy way to enjoy your cold drinks without harming our environment !